About WCDN

1. What is WCDN?
Christian medical doctors around the world. Its ultimate aim is to bring glory to the Great Physician by witnessing to patients, as well as to colleagues and to the general population as a whole, about the great works of healing through the gospel of Jesus Christ by prayer of faith and proven with definite evidence of healing based on medical data.
Focusing on divine healing, WCDN has conducted international medical conferences where various interesting diseases and medical conditions that were healed through prayer of faith and with definite medical evidences are presented to medical practitioners as well as to scientists. Issues relevant to Christian medical practice and to the divine calling are likewise discussed by speakers who are experts in various specialties.

2. Objectives of WCDN
In its process of evolution, the WCDN intends to accomplish the following objectives while keeping the mind set on glorifying our Great Physician.
1) To be an expert witness on healing which is based on prayer and faith and proving its authenticity with sufficient medical evidences.
2) Actively search for cases of divine healing, documenting it as authentic using medical evidences and present these cases in medical conferences.
3) Train and update Christian medical practitioners on the hows of evangelism and likewise focusing on prayer for the sick and healing but not disregarding usual and updated medical procedures and prescriptions.
4) Conduct seminars and workshops in various levels i.e. for Christian doctors as well as healthcare personnel concerning their roles as Christians and as healthcare specialists towards patients, colleagues and the population as a whole.
5) Hold yearly international Christian medical conferences in various places worldwide to present divine healing cases and discuss relevant issues for Christian medical practitioners.
6) To maintain sound biblical, Christ centered teachings while being open as an interdenominational Christian movement empowered by the Holy Spirit and glorifying the One and only True God almighty through His Son our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
7) To network with Christian medical and health related organizations or persons and enhance our oneness with those in the Christian faith toward the ultimate objective which is to give glory to our Father God in Christ Name (John 17:11,21)

3. Biblical Basis of WCDN
1) Gospel imperatives
2) Power of the blood and name of Jesus
3) The work of the Cross
4) The person and work of the Holy Spirit
5) Receiving and using spiritual gifts